Do you wear a WHITE SHIRT?

So are you in the corporate world.

Oh, no you are a fashionable freak and you know it’s a wardrobe staple.

No. You don’t wear a white shirt at all. You are the gold rimmed dark glasses, high end loafer shoes, spotless white Kurta Pajama clan.

Falling into any of the above categories, you know that WHITES are an essential part of the wardrobe. It’s pure, rich, makes you stand out of the crowd and very difficult to work with. Scorching heat sweats, tiresome office work and black coffees, political elections and dirt, pen marks and harsh chemical detergents all take a toll on your favorite whites.

Here we come to your rescue. Be it pen marks or stubborn spots, we have all the answers. At Quick Dry Cleaners we have state of the art machinery to make your whites spotless and pearly white beauties. We have special eco friendly processes which help in retaining the sheen of the garment.

Quick Dry Cleaners, offers modern cleaning and ironing services but the catch lies in our starching processes. By starching the garments, the fabric gains strength and the character it once had when you first bought it. In short we make your old looks look absolutely new.
So don’t sit back. Collect all your whites and visit Quick Dry Cleaners for a pearly white experience.